We are well known entity engaged in providing services of Water & Sand Testing. Our lab is full of all required testing equipments that provides accurate and fast result. We have complete knowledge of establishing soil and water testing laboratories that include right instruments & equipments.

Water for different purposes has its own requirements for the composition and purity and each body of water has to be analyzed on a regular basis to confirm to suitability. Water testing is done as per method for all types of water.

In our water analysis services, we analyze the drinking water, industrial waste water and ground or surface water sample on various standard parameters. The water testing services determine the level of purity and pollution in the water sample. The water is sample tested for various harmful contaminants (both soluble and insoluble) in it. Surface or ground water is tested for bacteria and nitrates. For home water supplies, water sample is tested for PH value, iron, dissolved solids, manganese, nitrates, alkalinity, dissolved solids and hardness.

In industries, the poor quality of water can damage the machines and deteriorate the product standard. In residential sector, the analysis of drinking water is very important as it can adversely affect your health and overall growth. The water testing includes testing of water heavy metal, effluent sample analysis, eflluent water, ro water analysis, ro water, discharge water, dye effluent testing, sea water analysis, sea water testing.



Caustic Alkalinity as CaCO3


Calcium as Ca

Turbidity as NTU

Magnesium as Mg

pH Value

Sodium as Na

Conductivity (µmhos/cm)

Boron as B

Total Dissolved Solids (Inorganic)

Ammonia as NH3

Total Suspended Solids

Nitrite as NO2

To neutralize 100ml of sample water using phenolphthalein as an indicator using 0.02N NaOH

Nitrate as NO3

To neutralize 100ml of sample water using Mixed indicator using 0.02 N H2SO4

Ammoniacal Nitrogen as NH3.N

Total Hardness as CaCO3

COD (Open reflux method)

Calcium Hardness as CaCO3

Total Silica as SiO2

Magnesium Hardness as CaCO3

Reactive Silica as SiO2

Carbon dioxide

Unreactive Silica SiO2

Total solids

Total Phosphorus as P

Volatile Solids, mg/l

Dissolved Phosphorus as P

Fixed Solids, mg/l

Oxygen Consumed in 4 hrs

Oil & Grease

Oxygen as O2

Dissolved Oxygen

Oxidizable matter

Total Iron as Fe

Non-volatile residue

Ferrous as Fe

Residual Sodium Carbonate

Sulphate as SO4

Sodium absorption ratio

Chloride as Cl

Residual Na2SO3 Content

Residual Chlorine

Ratio of Sodium Sulphate and Caustic alkalinity

Total Alkalinity as CaCO3

Ratio of NaNO3 /Total alkalinity as NaOH

Phenolphthalein Alkalinity as CaCO3 or Carbonate Alkalinity as CO3

Residual hydrazine as N2H4

Methyl orange Alkalinity as CaCO3 or Bicarbonate Alkalinity as HCO3